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Bonhomme Setter is a musical line-up which has been evolving in Quebec City since 1998. Previously associated with Irish musical traditions and culture, today the group blends Celtic music with the diverse rhythms of the world. Today, Bonhomme Setter blends Celtic music with the diverse rhythms of the world: Spain, Ireland, Scotland and the Middle-East flow together in warm, festive compositions, in tasteful and authentic music which will transport you to the world of four passionate musicians.



founding member . flute . percussions . bouzouki

A self-taught musician, Sylvain Laberge discovered the Irish flute during the 1990s after a concert by the Chieftains where he was bowled over by a solo performance of Matt Molloy, the uncontested leader and ambassador of this powerful wooden flute. That concert increased his interest in the instrument, an interest which had begun while listening attentively to Jethro Tull albums during his teenage years.
From that moment, traditional music, especially that of Ireland, became the centre of his interests in his studies in anthropology. Shortly after, Sylvain founded Bonhomme Setter and in its first year, the group recorded an album, En tombant du troisième.
Through the years Sylvain has remained the central pillar of the line-up and his interest for traditional music and the various cultures of the world guides the musical journey of Bonhomme Setter. He also produces the group’s albums, thanks to his many years of experience in recording.
In the early 2000s, he honed his skill in Toronto with Loretto Reed, the renowned Irish flute player who has been living in Canada for many years. At the same time, recording projects and concerts with the progressive rock group, Sense, allowed him to grow musically in other areas. Sylvain has also been a member of Rosheen, Nuada, Sense and has joined in many studio recordings, with the likes of Jupiter 9, Chantois, Melia, Crépuscule and Les Ensorceleurs.


violin . viola

Marie-Noëlle has developed in the world of classical violin since the age of four years. In 2006, she discovered the world of Celtic music when she joined the ranks of the Scottish music group, Crépuscule, with which she was the violinist until 2011.
This first experience with a group allowed Marie-Noëlle to explore the Irish, Scottish and Asturian traditions and to create her first musical compositions. In the meantime, Sylvain asked her to contribute to another project, Bonhomme Setter. She immediately fell under the spell of the tracks Turning Leaf and Sangre de Toro, both of which were then in their early stages. She became an active member of Bonhomme Setter during the Fall of 2008 and was involved from the start in the search for a repertoire and the creation of new melodies which would be suited to her violin and viola.
At the same time, she was interested in early and baroque music, which allowed her, from time to time, to join various ensembles in the Quebec City region, including the baroque music workshop of Université Laval and the ensemble La Chamaille.
For more than six years, Marie-Noëlle co-manages the Anne-Hélène Chevrette Violin School in Quebec City which has more than 90 violinists, violists and cellists. She hopes to pass on her passion to her many musical apprentices.



guitare . bass . voice

Soon available



It only took a few notes for Marie-Pier to enchant Bonhomme Setter with the deep sound of her cello. In November 2011, a collaboration between the group and this musician during a concert was immediately followed by an invitation to join the line-up officially.
Marie-Pier, who has a solid classical training, jumped feet first into this new project, ready to explore the Celtic world, which was as yet unknown to her. There she discovered a vast musical horizon which allowed her to push her interpretative skills and to develop skills which are somewhat untapped on the cello. Since joining Bonhomme Setter, she is endlessly seeking to maximize the potential of her instrument and her playing, both rhythmic and melodic, contributes greatly to the rich sound of the musical arrangements.



The Bonhomme Setter musical group was established in 1998 by the two founding musicians Sylvain Laberge (flute) and Sandra Poulin (violin).  We would like to thank all the former members who, over the years, shared their talent and creativity with us in order to evolve our music and take it to new horizons.


Sandra Poulin (violin) - Hugues Poirier (guitar) - Hugues Savard (guitar) - Martin Laforest (percussion) - Patrick McSweeney (guitar) - Stéphan Paquet (percussion) - Robbin Blanco Rodriguez (guitar) - Dominic Haerinck (bouzouki, banjo, harp) - Luc Bourgeois (guitar) - Bruno Lemieux (percussion) - Andrew Beaudoin (percussion) - Mathieu Gosselin (bass). Thank you for your touch of color!

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